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One of the Festival's core missions is to ensure that our audience reflects the diverse cultural and economic make-up of the subjects of our films and the city at large. In pursuit of that goal, we operate the Film-Ed program, which makes the full range of Festival services and activities available to all of New York City's children.


During one and two-week filmmaking workshops, students create a completed short film using a variety of techniques. Workshops combine hands-on film and video skills with instruction in the critical and logistical thinking that is crucial to work in the medium.

Workshops are comprised of 15 students each working collaboratively to create one final film, providing an excellent framework in which to teach teamwork among peers, a hallmark of the industry. Under the guidance of professional filmmakers, children gain hands-on experience in all aspects of animation and live-action filmmaking. Two spaces in each class are reserved for children from low-income families that do not have regular access to the arts programming to attend film camp.

A donation of $650 provides a full scholarship for one child to attend a one-week workshop
A donation of $1,100 provides a full scholarship for one child to attend a two-week workshop
A donation of any amount makes a difference


Film-Ed Field Trip programs offer the complete Festival experience at no cost. Students benefit from the Festival's full range of interactive elements including: a film screening; pre- and post-screening viewing guides, post-screening Q&As that provide two-way forums for discussing each film; and voting ballots, an activity that spurs reflection while empowering young people to participate in selecting NYICFF's award-winning films.

NYICFF offers two distinct Field Trip programs: the Elementary School Program targets young people attending Title 1 public schools at which many students are from low-income families with limited access to regular arts programming, and the Girls' POV Program is geared toward after-school groups serving at-risk girls in low income communities. Both programs consist of a custom-curated short film program that introduces young viewers to a diverse mix of subject matter, cultural viewpoints and cinematic styles. The Film-Ed experience, like all Festival programming, cultivates active, discerning viewing and stimulates lively discussion.

$20 makes it possible for one student to attend a Film-Ed Field Trip screening
$200 makes it possible for ten students to attend a Film-Ed Field Trip screening
$600 makes it possible for an entire class to attend a Film-Ed Field Trip screening
A donation of any amount helps bring the Festival experience to children from low-income communities

For more information on the Festival's Film-Ed outreach programs and how to support NYICFF, please email or call (212) 349-0330.


New York Int'l Children's Film Festival is North America's largest film festival for children and teens. Each year, the Festival presents over 100 of the best new films from around the world to audiences throughout New York City. However, ticket sales cover only a small fraction of the Festival's operating costs. The Membership Program gives members special access to Festival events and activities while providing supporting funds to the organization.


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