July 7, 2016

GKIDS to Release “Miss Hokusai” on October 14

GKIDS, the acclaimed distributor of animation for both adult and family audiences, announced it has acquired distribution rights to MISS HOKUSAI, the latest feature from Japanese animation powerhouse Production I. G (GHOST IN THE SHELL, A LETTER TO MOMO).

The film by renowned director Keiichi Hara (COLORFUL, SUMMER DAYS WITH COO) took home the Jury Prize at the prestigious Annecy Film Festival, swept the top jury and audience awards at Fantasia Film Festival, and won Best Animated Feature at Sitges and Best Animated Feature at the Asia Pacifica Screen Awards, among others. MISS HOKUSAI has received glowing reviews from critics on the festival circuit.

Adapted from Hinako Sugiura’s manga Sarusuberi by Miho Maruo (both of whom are women), MISS HOKUSAI is the untold story of O-Ei, the daughter and artistic collaborator of Katsushika Hokusai, arguably Japan’s greatest artist. Set in Edo period Japan, the film portrays O-Ei’s coming of age as a young woman, as she struggles with her identity as an artist, her emerging sexuality, and the search for the sublime through art.

The adult-skewing MISS HOKUSAI will be released October 14 in New York and Los Angeles prior to a North American expansion. GKIDS previously distributed Production I.G’s A LETTER TO MOMO.

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