November 24, 2020

GKIDS UNBOXED: “Tokyo Godfathers”

Now available on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack & Digital Download!

GKIDS Unboxed returns with a beautiful bundle of joy: Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers!

Tokyo Godfathers is a heartwarming classic from legendary director Satoshi Kon, whose works include the psychological thriller Perfect Blue, the gorgeous, nostalgic Millennium Actress, dreamy sci-fi hit Paprika, and the unsettling series Paranoia Agent.

Kon’s work is known for blurring the lines between fantasy and reality in order to tell empathetic stories about what it means to be human. Tokyo Godfathers takes that same caring approach, but places it in a more grounded narrative that still fits in plenty of surprising twists and turns. Its lovable and multi-faceted characters are also thanks to co-writer Keiko Nobumoto, known as the screenwriter for Cowboy Bebop and creator of Wolf’s Rain. All this adds up to one of the most thrilling, moving, and hilarious Christmas movies ever, that might just rekindle your hope for humanity.

The cover features dazzling art of the film’s core characters— compassionate and short-fused Hana, grouchy yet sentimental Gin, and crude but delicate Miyuki— who never fail to subvert your expectations of what it means to be a hero. And of course it’s all on behalf of the little Christmas angel, Kiyoko, who they discover abandoned on Christmas Eve.

The Blu-ray and DVD contain the film newly remastered from an original print. Audio tracks include the original Japanese performances and a new English dub with Shakina Nayfack as Hana, Jon Avner as Gin, and Victoria Grace as Miyuki. Author, LGBTQ activist and performance artist Kate Bornstein also makes her voice acting debut as Mother, Hana’s former caretaker. Both audio tracks are presented in DTS-HD 5.1 surround sound, and subtitle tracks contain a new, updated English translation of the Japanese script, as well as English SDH and Spanish.

Bonus features are like gifts that keep on giving, and this Blu-ray’s got the motherload. First, you’ll get an intro from Kazu Watanabe, the deputy director of film at New York City’s Japan Society, on what sets Tokyo Godfathers apart from the rest of Kon’s filmography and why it endures to this day. There’s also a full hour’s worth of archived featurettes on the making of the film, including interviews with the late Satoshi Kon himself. Other highlights include the original Japanese cast on what made them fall in love with their roles, and talks with the animation team on how they captured the essence of Tokyo in the winter time.

Art Galleries give even more insight on how the creators imbued the characters with emotion by using exaggerated facial expressions. In an additional interview with Shakina Nayfack, she discusses how it felt to bring new life to Hana in the English dub and how she approached the role as one of the standout transgender characters in the history of animation. As an added bonus, we’ve included Satoshi Kon’s short film Ohayo and a short behind-the-scenes documentary on his one-minute movie about waking up in the morning.

Just can’t wait to unwrap this gift? Live vicariously through our unboxing below!


Tokyo Godfathers is now available on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and Digital Download-to-Own

Bonus Features:

– Trailers
– Mixing for Surround Sound
– Making Of Tokyo Godfathers
– The Process of Animation
– The Unexpected Tours
– Art Gallery
– Introduction by K.F. Watanabe
– Satoshi Kon Short Film – Ohayo
– An Interview with Shakina Nayfack
– Making of Ohayo

Run Time

92 min

Aspect Ratio


Release Date

June 2, 2020


English, Japanese





Production Date



English, English SDH, Spanish








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