March 12, 2021

Interest: Wolfwalkers Exhibition at The Butler Gallery in Kilkenny

Dive Into the World of Wolfwalkers in an Exhibit from The Butler Gallery in Historic Kilkenny – the home of Cartoon Saloon

Located in Kilkenny, Ireland, the Butler Gallery shares its hometown roots with animation studio Cartoon Saloon, known for the critically acclaimed The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, The Breadwinner, and Wolfwalkers

Continuing their longstanding partnership with Cartoon Saloon, the Butler Gallery has curated an exhibition response to the studio’s most recent epic, Wolfwalkers

Throughout the exhibition, viewers both in historic Kilkenny, and all over the world, can view core working drawings and backgrounds, a talk series with directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, as well as various historians and environmentalists, and a full online exhibition, all highlighting the strengths and messages of this animated film whose story offers conflict, humor, pathos and resolution and is centered in medieval Kilkenny in 1650.

View the virtual exhibition tour HERE and see below for for the special talk series with members of the creative staff, discussing how this magical film was brought to life.

Storytelling Into Film

“This talk explores the influence of Irish stories, and how scripts are developed from initial ideas into fantastical visuals. Mark Mullery, Assistant Director with Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, Creative Directors of the film and Will Collins, screenwriter.”
From The Butler Gallery

A Director’s Perspective

“Assistant Director of Wolfwalkers, Mark Mullery, in conversation with Ann Mulrooney, Cartoon Saloon Studio Manager, gives fascinating insights into the making of the film and talks about his role in the weaving of multiple creative strands into a final product for the big screen.”
From The Butler Gallery

The Producer’s Perspective

“Producers of Wolfwalkers, Paul Young and Katja Schumann in conversation with Ann Mulrooney, Cartoon Saloon Studio Manager, outlining what it takes to get a film like WolfWalkers from ideas stage to development to final green light. An industry insight into how producers support a film’s creation and completion.”
From The Butler Gallery

Meet the Characters

“Every film needs heroes and villains. Character Designer Sandra Andersen and Animation Supervisor Svend Rothmann Bonde join Cartoon Saloon Studio Manager Ann Mulrooney, where they discuss character development and how personalities are brought to life from initial concept designs to finished animation.”
From The Butler Gallery

Bringing It All Together

“Animation, storyboarding, backgrounds, characters – how does it all come together? Layout artist Grainne Rose Fordham and Helga Kristjana Bjarnadóttir, supervisor for Ink and Paint on Wolfwalkers join Ann Mulrooney, Cartoon Saloon Studio Manager to discuss their roles in bringing various creative elements together to create the final 3D film.”
From The Butler Gallery


Wolfwalkers now playing in select theaters and streaming on Apple TV+

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