April 8, 2021

GKIDS UNBOXED: “Earwig and the Witch”

Now available on Digital Download, Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack & limited edition Steelbook!

Turmoil in the skies! As The Unboxer lifts off for his musical world tour, his hot air balloon crash lands somewhere in the mysterious land of New Jersey. Desperate to get back off the ground, he turns to a mystical book of occult magicks— and the all-new Earwig and the Witch on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and limited edition Steelbook!

Earwig and the Witch is the latest film from Goro Miyazaki and the legendary Studio Ghibli, produced by studio co-founder Toshio Suzuki with planning from Hayao Miyazaki. Based on the children’s novel by Diana Wynne Jones, author of Howl’s Moving Castle, the film marks Studio Ghibli’s first 3DCG animated feature.

Growing up in an orphanage in the British countryside, Earwig had no idea that her mother had magical powers. Her life changes dramatically when a strange pair takes her in, and she is forced to live with a selfish witch. As the headstrong young girl sets out to uncover the secrets of her new guardians, she discovers a world of spells and potions, and a mysterious song that may be the key to finding the family she has always wanted.

The English dub features the voices of Richard E. Grant, Kacey Musgraves, Dan Stevens, Vanessa Marshall (whose performance as Bella Yaga earned her an Annies Award nomination), and Taylor Paige Henderson as the voice of the titular Earwig. Kacey Musgraves also performs the English language version of “Don’t Disturb Me,” the film’s theme song, originally performed in the Japanese version by Sherina Munaf with lyrics by Goro Miyazaki.

The Combo Pack includes a Blu-ray and a DVD. Each is mastered in DTS-HD 5.1 surround sound audio in the original Japanese and English Dub. For subtitles, we have English for the Japanese dub and English SDH for the English dub. Exclusive to the Blu-ray are the feature length storyboards for Earwig and the Witch, featuring the actual storyboards used to layout the feature, offering a whole new way to watch this magical film.

Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain the bonus features “Creating Earwig and the Witch”, a behind the scenes look at the development of the film with interviews from director Goro Miyazaki, producer Toshio Suzuki, and a number of animators who all helped to bring the characters of Earwig to life. Also included are Interviews with the Japanese cast, a quick fire Q&A with the cast members about their experience working on the film, and trailers and TV spots from both the North American and Japanese release.

Of course, there’s also the limited edition Steelbook in an incredible, radiant gold! The Steelbook includes every bonus feature you’ll find in the standard edition, contained within a sleek all-metal case sure to capture the eye of any visiting witches in your household.

If you order soon from the GKIDS Store, you will receive a free Earwig tote bag while supplies last. This is the hottest new trend for Spring fashion— ponchos are out and totes are tote-ally in!

Get a closer look at all these goodies, and find out what’s next for our intrepid Unboxer, in the new GKIDS Unboxed below! Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to us on YouTube (psst, we’re almost to 100,000 subscribers 😉)!


Earwig and the Witch is now available on Digital Download, Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and limited edition Steelbook.

Bonus Features:

  • Feature-Length Storyboards **
  • Creating Earwig and the Witch
  • Interviews with Japanese Voice Cast
  • Trailers & Teasers

** Blu-ray only










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