April 15, 2021

Wolfwalkers | Behind the Scenes Roundup

The 48th Annual Annie Awards is just around the corner, and Wolfwalkers is nominated for an outstanding TEN awards, including Best Indie Feature and Best Direction! Leading up to the event, several artists who contributed to the film’s astounding visuals have taken to social media, sharing behind-the-scenes looks at the magic behind the masterpiece:


Co-Director Tomm Moore posts one of the earliest iterations of Mebh.


Co-Art Director Maria Pareja shares exploratory artwork and visual development of the memorable “Running with the Wolves” sequence.


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A post shared by Maria Pareja (@mariaparejasketches)


Character Designer and Posing Artist Federico Pirovano’s work and thoughts on the distinctive townspeople.


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Tomm Moore’s first turnaround of Robyn Goodfellowe.


Character Designer and Lead Posing Artist Sandra Andersen’s character sheets give Mebh her distinctive movements and expressions.


Shared by the Butler Gallery, these pieces from Layout Artist Gráinne Rose Fordham show a glimpse at the film’s cinematography. To see more of Wolfwalkers at the Butler Gallery, check out our Blog Post here.


Wolfvision Supervisor Eimhin McNamara’s background animation of the Wolfvision sequence, with 3D pre-visualization by David McDermott.

To hear more from McNamara, see the clip below, and check out this interview, or this video about one of the most visually arresting sequences of animation in Wolfwalkers.


Animator Mathilde Vachet gives us two preliminary animated shots from the film.


Animator and Cleanup artist Maria Blowers shares a shot that perfectly encapsulates Robyn and Mebh’s relationship.


These posts brilliantly show the full scope of work it takes to bring the vision of an animated feature film to life. We want to recognize all the hard working artists who made Wolfwalkers a reality, and wish them the best of luck at the Annie Awards!

Learn more about the ASIFA-Hollywood Annie Awards here, and a huge congratulations to all Wolfwalkers nominees!

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