October 13, 2021

Artist Highlight: Elvin Budiman

Behind the animated films we know and love, it all starts with an artist. One simple sketch can be the foundation for a fantastical world full of wonder and curiosity viewers resonate with.

With our #GKIDSHighlights series we want to give appreciation to talented artists, well-known, unknown, and in between. This week, you’re in for a treat as GKIDS puts the spotlight on Illustrator and Graphic Designer Elvin Budiman, who created a spooky-themed piece to answer our prompt about the movie-going experience.


Animated films have the ability to inspire and highlight incredible works of art from artists all around the world. What is your experience of seeing animated films like, especially in theaters? How do they transport you to another world, and inspire you in your own creative work?

Read here to learn more about her and her work, and check out her social channels below:

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How did you first get started as an artist?

I liked watching anime and reading manga as a child, which made me aspire to draw my favorite characters. I found joy in drawing as a child and thankfully that feeling hasn’t really changed till now!

Where do you find your inspiration from?

It’s a very random moment… but often it’s from my favorite artist’s works, or mundane things happening in real life that I want to put my own twist on it!

What do you if you ever have artist’s block?

I think it’s pretty generic things to do but usually I’ll try doing art study again when this happens or even doing anything else except drawing for a while. Overall I try to nourish myself again so I can get motivated to draw again!


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How did you develop your own personal/signature artistic style/voice?

I didn’t consciously try to develop my own style, but as it progressed with practicing and doing personal projects, I realized I tend to pick certain habits and style I prefer from artworks that I like! Doing studies also helpful to find it. Overall it’s about cherry picking what kind of progress I like to do or what I can tolerate to achieve the style that I want (lol)

For your illustration with GKIDS, please describe the process. Did you immediately know what you wanted to do? Did you try out a few different drafts?

Once I received the brief, I already knew what kind of themes I’d like to draw! The next thing to decide is the composition to explain the situation, so I researched and found inspiration to help me build the concept! And yes, I have a few drafts to find which have best outcome.

What have you been currently watching, reading, listening to?

I just finished Midnight Mass, which unexpectedly I really like, all the aesthetic and concept!! I also just watched Wolf’s House yesterday with friends and it’s creepily astounding. And currently I am in love reading Skip and Loafers manga!


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What is one thing that you wish you were told when you were just starting out as an artist?

“References don’t make you a worse artist, it helps you become a better artist faster.”

Are there any illustrators in particular that inspire you?

I really admire the art styles and versatility of @mochipanko and @choodraws !! For concepts I have been inspired a lot by @maruti_bitamin , and I’m currently really enjoying @congmin33 and @iimememe artworks!!

What is one of your favorite moments in animation?

When Hiccups and Toothless ride together for the first time in How to Train your Dragon!!

Please let us know your top 3 GKIDS title recommendations, and one sentence why?

  1. Song of the Sea – Beautifully, and soothing animated.
  2. Neon Genesis Evangelion – An experience to watch…
  3. Promare – Strikingly colorful and filled with action!!

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