April 20, 2022

GKIDS Acquires North American Rights to “Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water”

The Classic Series From Legendary Director Hideaki Anno

New 4K Restoration to be Released on Home Entertainment Platforms in 2022

GKIDS, the acclaimed producer and distributor of animation for adult and family audiences, announced today it has acquired the North American distribution rights for NADIA: THE SECRET OF BLUE WATER, the 1990 animated series directed by acclaimed director Hideaki ANNO. The high seas adventure is a masterful preview into ANNO’s early directorial vision before creating the renowned series NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. GKIDS will release NADIA: THE SECRET OF BLUE WATER and on home entertainment platforms this year, based on a new 4K restoration.

Last year, GKIDS released ANNO’s critically-acclaimed NEON GENESIS EVANGELION on home entertainment platforms, marking the first time the property was available on Blu-ray in North America.


It’s 1889 and people from around the globe are flocking to Paris to see scientific achievements at the Exposition Universelle despite rumors of dangers lurking in the oceans. While attending the fair, teenaged inventor Jean meets Nadia, a mysterious girl who possesses a highly sought-after crystal called Blue Water. Pursued by nefarious forces, the pair journey by sea and by sky to escape their would-be captors and to discover the secret of the crystal.

NADIA: THE SECRET OF BLUE WATER is a sci-fi adventure on the high seas from Hideaki ANNO. The classic series is a preview into ANNO’s early directorial vision before creating NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, and returns with an all-new 4K restoration.

Director: Hideaki ANNO

Country: Japan


Year: 1990

Run time: 16:20:16 (39 episodes)


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