June 6, 2023

GKIDS Announces English-Language Voice Cast for “Lonely Castle in the Mirror”

The Latest Feature from Acclaimed Director Keiichi Hara Comes to Select Theaters Nationwide on June 21 & 22nd Only



GKIDS, celebrating its 15th anniversary as a producer and distributor of award-winning and artist-driven animation from around the world, has announced the English-language voice cast for LONELY CASTLE IN THE MIRROR. The latest feature from critically acclaimed director Keiichi Hara (Miss Hokusai, Colorful, The Wonderland), and featuring animation from the lauded A-1 Pictures, the film is adapted from the beloved novel of the same name by Mizuki Tsujimura. GKIDS will bring the film to select theaters nationwide for event showings on June 21 and 22nd only, and tickets are on sale now at LonelyCastleMovie.com



Kokoro Anzai

 Micah Lin


 Huxley Westemeier


 Giselle Fernandez


 Kieran Regan


 Zoe Glick


 Adrian Marrero


 Riley Webb

Wolf Queen

 Vivienne Rutherford


LONELY CASTLE IN THE MIRROR held its International Premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival – marking the first time a Japanese animated feature was selected for the festival – and additionally had its US premiere at the New York International Children’s Film Festival. It was nominated for the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year, and was a box office hit during its domestic release in Japan in December 2022, grossing over one billion yen (approx. 7.3 million USD).

Hara worked with various past collaborators on the project, including screenwriter Miho Maruo (Miss Hokusai, The Wonderland), composer Harumi Fuuki (Miss Hokusai, The Wonderland), as well as acclaimed artist Ilya Kuvshinov (The Wonderland) for visual concept and castle designs



Shy outcast Kokoro has been avoiding school for weeks when she discovers a portal in her bedroom mirror. She reaches through and finds herself transported to an enchanting castle where she is joined by six other students. When a girl in a wolf mask explains that they have been invited to play a game, the teens must work together to uncover the mysterious connection that unites them. However, anyone who breaks the rules will be eaten by a wolf.

From acclaimed director Keiichi Hara (Colorful, Miss Hokusai) and based on the bestselling novel by Mizuki Tsujimura, Lonely Castle in the Mirror is a heartfelt drama about the pains of growing up and the unlikely bonds that can bring people together.



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