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If inquiring about a Studio Ghibli title, please fill out the Studio Ghibli Application Form here instead.
Please note, an electronically submitted inquiry is not a confirmed booking.


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Exhibition Licenses

A public performance license is required for screening any GKIDS film in a public setting. A quote will be determined based on the number of attendees, if the screening is free or at full admission, preferred exhibition format and whether or not you plan to advertise to the public. Screening fees depend on the estimated size of your audience, whether or not you plan to charge admission, the format you wish to screen on, the date of your screening and whether or not you plan to publicly advertise. To get a quote, please submit a booking request.

The Studio Ghibli Collection: Formats

Per the wishes of Studio Ghibli, any title included in the “Studio Ghibli Collection” is only available for exhibition on DCP and 35mm formats. Absolutely no Blu-ray™, DVD, or digital file screenings are permitted for theatrical and non-theatrical venues. If you are a College, University, Public Library or Institution, please visit our GKIDS Non-Theatrical Website for public performance rights.


For first time customers and all flat bookings, payment is mandatory prior to the date of the screening. Failure to supply payment will result in revocation of rights. Upon receipt of payment, exhibition copy will be sent no sooner than 2-3 weeks prior to screening date unless otherwise requested.

Check payment is preferred. Credit card payments can be made over the phone by calling our theatrical team at 212-528-0500 ext. 113.


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