Arcane: League of Legends

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Blu-ray™ · 4K
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Two sisters. Two cities.
One discovery that will
change the world forever.

Based on champions and lore from the League of Legends universe, Arcane follows the story of two orphaned sisters, Vi and Powder, as they fight to make a name for themselves in the derelict, underground alleyways of Zaun. Dreaming of a day when they can experience some of the wealth and opulence of the city of Piltover just above them, Vi, Powder, and friends undertake a seemingly simple heist that, unbeknownst to them, will forever alter their destinies and the fate of both cities.

Arcane assembles a powerful cast of characters in a thrilling clash of power and politics as they grapple with magical forces beyond their understanding. Riot Games and Fortiche Productions bring the world of League of Legends to life with heart-wrenching storytelling and an animation style all its own in this Emmy-winning series.