A Film By Benoît Chieux

Sirocco and the Kingdom of Winds


What happens when you get lost inside your favorite book?

Adventure-seeking Juliette and her sister Carmen are faced with this very question when they are dropped off at their neighbor’s house and quite literally drop into Juliette’s favorite fantasy book, Sirocco and The Kingdom of the Winds.

Now transformed into humanoid cats, the sisters are quickly separated in this new fantastical land, which features flying divas, technicolor dragons, and other mind-melting creations, including the mysterious blue-haired wizard Sirocco, who can control the winds. While Juliette and Carmen have to figure out how to reunite and escape back into the real world, they find it harder than they imagined to leave their new magical world and curious friends, in this singular fantasy vision years in the making from director Benoít Chieux.