A Film By Benoît Chieux Sirocco and the Kingdom of Winds


One day, the adventurous Juliette and her sister Carmen find an enchanted toy and get swept away into the Kingdom of the Winds. They are transformed into cats and find themselves in a fantastical new world full of flying divas, technicolor dragons, and other mind-melting creations. When Juliette causes an accident that draws the ire of the local inhabitants, the Mayor gives Juliette to the beautiful songstress Selma and sentences Carmen to marry his son as punishment. The sisters must find a way to escape before the wedding bells ring, but the key to their journey home lies with Sirocco, the mysterious wizard feared for his ferocious storms.

A psychedelic fairy tale years in the making comes from the imagination of director Benoît Chieux. With captivating creatures and a vibrant Seussian world, Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds is a kaleidoscopic fantasy adventure bursting with charm and wonder.