Voices of A Distant Star

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Voices of A Distant Star

June 1, 2023

A film by Makoto Shinkai

Japan, 2002, 25 min

Several years into the future, alien invaders threaten the safety of Earth. Mikako joins the global forces to defend the planet, but leaves behind her middle school crush, Noboru. They stay connected through emails even while their lives diverge. The galactic war soon sends Mikako further out into space where the time it takes to send and receive messages grows longer. As years start to pass between emails, Mikako and Noboru each grapple with unspoken feelings while hoping for the next message. Voices of a Distant Star is an emotionally-gripping sci-fi tale from Makoto Shinkai that offers an early look into his directorial vision before global blockbusters Weathering With You and Your Name.

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