August 17, 2020

Eunyoung Choi: The Animation Process of “Ride Your Wave”

Science SARU CEO Eunyoung Choi reveals her favorite parts of the animation process, and taking Masaaki Yuasa’s ideas from storyboard to screen

Ride Your Wave is the latest film from visionary director Masaaki Yuasa, producer Eunyoung Choi, and animation studio Science SARU – known for their colorful hits like Lu Over The Wall, The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl, and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, as well as eccentric and daring works like Devilman CRYBABY and Japan Sinks 2020. In his latest feature, Yuasa brings his trademark visual ingenuity to a deeply emotional tale of romance, grief and self-discovery. But, not every step of the process, from initial planning all the way to the final touches, is always smooth sailing.  

Hear from Ride Your Wave producer and Science SARU CEO Eunyoung Choi as she details her favorite aspects of the animation process, the most challenging scenes to conceptualize, and why Ride Your Wave simply must have been told through animation. 


Ride Your Wave is available now on Digital Download, BluRay, and DVD.


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