August 25, 2020

PLAYLIST: End of Summer Vibes with “Ride Your Wave”

Welcome to the GKIDS End of Summer Vibes Playlist! In this new series, join us as we get into the musical vibe of some of our latest releases, or timeless classics. Wth playlists inspired by the films, GKIDS is assembling some of the songs we just can’t get out of our head when thinking about these movies, as well as exploring some of the musical artists directly tied to the films.

For our first playlist, inspired by Masaaki Yuasa’s latest film Ride Your Wave, we’re feeling the calm and melancholy that comes with the end of the season. Send off the summer by remembering those fun warm nights, and enjoying those last few sunsets as the weather cools, with a playlist inspired by beach trips, summer love, and loss. 

To start, what Ride Your Wave playlist would be complete without kicking it off with “Brand New Story!” The song from J-Pop superstars GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE that just won’t leave your head includes band member and voice of Minato, Ryôta Katayose. With an animated music video from Science SARU, the studio behind Ride Your Wave, it’d be a shame not to bump that video here as well.

In addition to “Brand New Story,” we’re also diving down the GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE rabbit hole, throwing it back to Katayose’s start with their debut song, “BRAVE IT OUT.”

Katayose isn’t the only J-Pop favorite in the Ride Your Wave cast though, as the film also features Rina Kawaei, a former member of the ultra popular group AKB48 as our lead, Hinako. There’s certainly a long and storied history of AKB48, but as we’re thinking about the end of summer here, let’s take a moment to kick back to “Sayonara Crawl” to bring us back to the heat of summer fun for a moment.

Check out our full playlist, inspired by the end of summer and Ride Your Wave here, and we hope you’ve found some new tracks to add to your daily listens!


Ride Your Wave is available now on Digital Download, Blu-ray, and DVD.


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