November 9, 2020

Animation and Style with “Marona’s Fantastic Tale” Director Anca Damian

Marona’s Fantastic Tale Director Anca Damian Discusses the Film’s Striking Style

In Marona’s Fantastic Tale, the artistic freedom of working in animation is utilized to its fullest potential. In an early director’s statement on the film, director Anca Damian stated:

The story also brought me the opportunity to explore new means of cinematic expression. I aimed to offer the audience a unique experience on a visual level: both the beauty of arts & crafts and the concept of subjective space. In this way, each character defines their own area: each has their own little territory, associated with their own personality. None of these islands are in harmony with another, but they form a certain family connection.

In this clip, hear more from director Anca Damian, on how she freely used space, color and the full freedom of working in animation to develop the story hand in hand with the film’s style. 

Anca Damian is an award-winning director of both animation and live action features, documentaries, and short films. In addition to Marona’s Fantastic Tale, her filmography includes the Annecy Cristal Award-winning feature Crulic – The Path to Beyond. In 2016, she was the first to receive the Audentia Award offered by Eurimages, which intends to celebrate women who have had the courage to become a director, by giving their work greater visibility and inspiring other women to follow in their footsteps. Following in 2018, Damian was awarded the Mirada International Award in Madrid International Film Festival – New Directors Platform, for being “a total creator, a true landmark and an unchallenged inspiration for new directors”.


Marona’s Fantastic Tale is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital.


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