November 10, 2020

GKIDS UNBOXED: “Marona’s Fantastic Tale”

Now available on Blu-ray/DVD Combo and Digital Download

Welcome back to GKIDS Unboxed! Today’s unboxing will be a real treat for all dog lovers out there– we’ll be opening up the dazzling and poetic Marona’s Fantastic Tale.

The latest feature film from award-winning director Anca Damian, Marona’s Fantastic Tale follows the poetic and life-affirming story of Marona, an optimistic stray dog who looks back on the human companions she’s loved throughout her life. Born the last in the litter, little Marona’s adventures take her through a series of names and owners– a colorful acrobat, a sensitive construction worker, and a little girl– brought to life with a dazzling style that pushes animation in bold new directions. But through all of her ups and downs, Marona’s Fantastic Tale is told with the patient, boundless love of a dog, reminding us that happiness is a small thing

An Annecy Official Selection in 2019, winner of the 2019 Special Jury Prize at Animation Is Film festival, and New York Times Critics’ Pick, Marona’s Fantastic Tale is a warm and uniquely crafted adventure, perfect for anyone who has ever experienced the joy of a pet. 

First run editions feature a sleek protective slipcover, featuring the film’s eye catching key art with our favorite furry friend Marona, along with the colorful characters she meets along her journey. The Blu-ray DVD combo pack includes both Blu-ray and DVD discs, which include the film in its original French language version, as well as a brand new English language dub. Both versions are presented in DTS-HD 5.1 Surround Sound. Subtitles are included for English, English SDH and Spanish.

Included on both discs are two fabulous video featurettes featuring director Anca Damian. In a Q&A from the Animation Is Film festival, you can hear about her experience writing the script with her son, and muse on the film’s philosophy of a life well-lived. Another bonus interview dives deeper into the making of the film, including the story of the real-life Marona, a rescue dog who inspired Marona’s Fantastic Tale.

To bring Marona’s Fantastic Tale to life, Damian assembled an international animation team,  including award-winning Belgian cartoonist Brecht Evens as character designer, and background artists Gina Thorstensen from Norway, and Sarah Mazzetti from Italy. In the Art Galleries featured on both discs, viewers can see the journey from original concept to finished film in collaboration with the talented artists working alongside Anca Damian.

Still curious about Marona’s Fantastic Tale? For an even closer look, check out our full unboxing below!


Marona’s Fantastic Tale is now available on Blu-ray+DVD combo pack, and digital download. 


Bonus Features:
– Interview With Director Anca Damian
– Q&A At Animation Is Film Festival
– Art Gallery
– Trailers

Run Time

92 min

Aspect Ratio


Release Date

November 10, 2020


English, French





Production Date



English, English SDH, Spanish

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